OK, Let's Get Started! Watch this short video FIRST!
OK, so this video is not so short ;-),
but it will be the BEST 20 minutes you ever spent on a YouTube Video!!

Step 9 will blow you away as long as
you COMPLETELY understand the steps before it!

Here is how to Start TODAY with NO out of pocket expenses:

(earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month)


1. Order this FREE debit card
Just Order the card and move on to the next step below
(NOTE: you must live in the USA).

If you do not live in the USA, just skip this step
(but this means you will have to pay the up-front fees out of pocket).

There are TWO Major Reasons for getting this card
(See video at top of page for details on these important reasons)

2. Set-up your own domain name (Free with 7 day trial membership):
See the video at top of this page for details on what kind of domain to register.

3. As soon as your Debit Card arrives, Activate it and Load it with $40

You will use your $40 for whatever you need it for - not for this business.

As long as you ordered the card from the link above, when activating the card
and loading it with $40 you will get a $20 bonus added to your card - INSTANTLY.

You will use this $20 for starting this new business. Yes, just $20 bucks!!

Use the $40 you initially deposited onto your card.
A tank of gas or a dinner at your favorite restaurant maybe??
Whatever you want - it's your $40!

Continue to Step 4 with the $20 it will take to get started.

4. Using your new debit card, Update your payment method for the Domain name
(cost will be $10/month after your 7 day free trial expires)

Doing this will insure that you only spend money from your PROFITS
and TRULY do this with NO out-of-pocket expense!

After making your first monthly payment for your domain name
you are still UP $10 from when you got started!

5. Create an account with EscapeTheCrazyRace.com using the link below.

Cost is a ONE-TIME $9.95 ($4.95 admin fee and $5 to your Start-up Mentor)
This is the final fee getting started.

Click here to Sign Up NOW!
(Pay $9.95 ONE-TIME entry fee TODAY & Start earning a Passive Residual Income!!)

Then Come back here to continue with Step 6
(Make sure you Save this Page!)

6. In the Getting Started Guide at Escape The Crazy Race,
find the step about updating your links

Update the links to the Debit card, Domain Registry, and EscapeTheCrazyRace.
(Step 4 in the Getting Started Guide)

As you follow the steps here (on this page)
and in the Getting Started Guide at EscapeTheCrazyRace,

You and many others will be sending people to your page (like this one)
and YOU will earn commissions for referring people
to the debit card, domain registry, and EscapeTheCrazyRace.

Specifically,for each referral to:

Debit card: You earn $20 - INSTANTLY Deposited directly on your card.

Domain Registry: You earn a $1 commission - Five Levels Deep!
(this adds up quick - see above video to see just how fast)

EscapeTheCrazyRace: You earn a $5 commission - Paid Direct to you via PayPal.

7. Forward your new Domain name to your personal landing page like this one.
(instructions found in the Getting Started Guide)

8. Place 1 Ad on Craigslist for your Business Start-up Mentor

Copy the exact ad that you found on Craigslist and
post the EXACT Same Ad in a different City and State.

It does not matter WHERE you post, as long as it is in a different City and State.

The ad must show the same web address
and the same title as the ad you found on Craigslist.

Note: You only will do this once.
You will NEVER have to post an ad for your mentor again!!
(and soon you will have 10-20 people doing this for YOU every day!!)

As you get into the next steps, think about what will happen
when you have 10-20 people placing an ad for you EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!!

It becomes a perpetual advertising and income MACHINE!!

9. Email the ad you placed to your Sponsor / Start-up Mentor:
You will find their email address in the back office of Escape The Crazy Race.

Make the Subject
: I placed an ad for you!
Make the email Body: Give them following information and NOTHING ELSE:

1. The link to the ad you placed on Craigslist
2. Your new Domain name with GDI
3. The date you ordered the Debit card.

After you send the email, give your mentor up to 3 business days to reply.

They will send you an important DETAILED video that will show you
EXACTLY how to place as many ads as you want on Craigslist - DAILY.

Want to place 20 ads daily?? You can!!

10. Using the info you get from this IMPORTANT video:

Place ads daily until you have enough people posting ads for you.
Eventually you won't need to ever post ads to keep the money coming in!

This step is the "Prime the Pump" step.

You have to place ads (as many as it takes)
until you have enough people doing the work for you - so that it becomes self-sustainable.

This is where the Passive monthly income starts coming in,
and it GROWS over time!

11. Every time a person sends you an email with the subject:
"I placed an ad for you!"

Send them a link to the video.

NOTE: Only send the video to someone that you can verify has completed the 3 required steps.

To verify they placed an ad for you - click the link to see it.

To Verify they activated a domain name, go to it, you should see their name on the domain page OR their page to Escape The Crazy Race if they have already forwarded it.

To verify they have ordered the Debit Card, check your account and make sure you have received the $20 bonus for referring them.

If anything is not right, DO NOT SEND THE VIDEO.
Allowing people to skip steps hurts YOU and THEM!!

Following these steps EXACTLY will result in a PASSIVE Monthly income!!

No more luck is needed, you now have the key to unlocking residual income!

The only question left is, will you start the engine and drive this baby as fast as you want!!

Best wishes,

Your Mentor
(I look forward to helping you get started)

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Think about this.......

check-red_50 No Boss!
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ANYONE willing to work this business WILL SUCCEED!
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